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Preventing oral affections has become a necessity today

Preventing oral affections has become a necessity today more then ever, as it is commonly recognized that advanced painful dental problems are much more difficult to treat then minor problems detected during routine checkups. The most frequent prophylactic procedure is cleaning and scaling.

Removing dental tartar can’t be done at home, with a classical toothbrush, but only in the dental office.

Tartar is formed on the tooth surface from bacterial plaque through mineralization. This process is accelerated by high viscosity saliva, incorrect dental fillings (that are not adapted to the tooth surface, retentive for food and bacteria), incorrect dental brushing, tooth crowding, smoking.

During ultrasonic scaling, teeth can be slightly sensitive, mostly because of root exposure caused by gingival recession. This sensitivity may appear when cold or sweet food and drinks are consumed and will disappear in a few days after scaling.

Dental scaling does not affect tooth enamel , scaling will only remove tartar deposits.

Once the tartar is removed, the tooth surface is finished by professional brushing. This procedure should be done once every 6 months, for smokers even once every 3 months.