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Orthodontics is an important part of our dental services

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For years orthodontic treatment was thought to be dedicated to the children.

Modern orthodontic techniques for adult patients offer solutions for ideal tooth alignment, this having a remarkable effect on esthetics and on oral health in general. Orthodontic treatment can be applied to patients to a relatively high age, using also invisible appliances.

Fixed braces can be applied or removed only by an orthodontist. They are complicated appliances that assure a precise three-dimensional movement of the teeth, making this king of treatment possible also for adult patients. There are different types of brackets applied on the visible or also on the internal side of a tooth. Brackets are bonded to the teeth and assure the movement of the teeth according to the orthodontist monthly activation.

Once the alignment is finished, the appliance is removed and the orthodontist will apply a contention on the teeth, in order to maintain the result. This contention is absolutely necessary, as the teeth tend to move back to their original position.